Environmentally friendly operation

The maritime route is the environmental route

Our most important environmental contribution is the port's primary task - to be a good tool for efficient and increased use of sea transport. More use of sea transport is an important climate measure, and a single container ship can replace several thousand lorries.

Solar cells and environmentally friendly operation in port areas

In the Kongsgård terminal area, the port has purchased a solar cell system on a selected warehouse building. Going forward, the port will continue to use technology that reduces emissions, and at all times be one of the country's leading environmental ports. To a large extent, this will take place through electrification and making the harbor more efficient. We are well underway with replacing the car and machinery fleet with electric cars and emission-reducing alternatives.

Railway tracks

Sea and rail have also been a priority area in recent years, and in 2017 the harbor track was reopened to the container terminal. Today, there is one train a day with cargo from Voss water, and this amounts to a total reduction of around 6,000 trailers annually.

Environmental certification

Kristiansand harbor was certified as an Eco-Lighthouse for the first time in 2009. In 2021 it was decided to change the certification method, and we are now working towards ISO 14001.

Environmental plan

In 2022, an environmental plan was drawn up for Kristiansand harbour.

The purpose behind this plan is to have a document that can guide our environmental efforts, communicate the port's environmental work externally, as well as be an active document for environmental management that the management must have ownership of.

The plan is our documentation of the mapped status of environmental aspects related to sea transport, port operations and real estate activities in the Port of Kristiansand. Furthermore, the plan contains adopted environmental targets and concrete means and measures to implement these targets. There are many environmentally related topics linked to shipping and marine activities, many of which lie outside the port's control.

This plan will therefore focus on the environmental aspects where Kristiansand Havn, by setting concrete, time-bound targets, can make a difference. The selected environmental aspects have also been selected in accordance with the 4 of the UN's sustainability goals, which are defined in the port's Strategic Plan 2020-2030: