Area and property

The Port of Kristiansand manages areas and infrastructure that secures the port's strategy, and strengthens the port's economy over time.

Port operations require large investments in infrastructure, and over the next few years the Port of Kristiansand will go through a transformation process which will, among other things, entail moving the container terminal from the center of Kristiansand to a new port section north of the centre. It will be an expensive process.

In addition to the income from the port-related activities, the investments will be financed by the income related to the port's property portfolio. The most famous and largest project is the development of Kanalbyen at Silokaia. Port of Kristiansand has a 50 % stake in the project through the company Kanalbyen Utvikling AS, the other half is owned by JBU Eiendom and Vedal Utvikling through the company JBU Kanalbyen AS.

Overview map of property


Odderøya is an attractive outdoor area and in the process of establishing itself as a regional cultural centre. The Kilden theater and concert hall opened in early 2012 and is located at the northern end of Silokaia. The Silokaia/Kanalbyen area is located on the west side of Odderøya.

While the island is located in the middle of the idyllic southern archipelago, it only takes a few minutes to walk to both the well-known fishing pier and the center of Kristiansand. The port operation was terminated here in 2016, and within a few years the development of the brand new Kanalbyen district will take shape. The first stage of construction is already underway and it is expected that the first people will move in during 2018.

The Port of Kristiansand KF established the subsidiary Kanalbyen Utvikling AS in 2010. The company will oversee the urban development of the harbor fund's properties at Silokaia. Sven Erik Knoph is the company's general manager. The Port Board is the company's general assembly.

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