The port of Kristiansand will be one of three leading ferry ports in Norway


The Port of Kristiansand is the country's second largest ferry terminal, and has several daily departures between Hirtshals, Denmark and Kristiansand. The line is operated by the shipping companies Color Line and Fjord Line.

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Shipping companies

Color Line

Color Line is a Norwegian ferry company with around 3,500 employees, of which about 2,000 have their daily work on board one of the company's six ships. In Kristiansand, Color Line operates the section Kristiansand - Hirtshals with the ferry "Superspeed 1" and with its top speed of 31 knots, the route is operated with a sailing time of 3.15 hours.

In 2008, "Superspeed" replaced the ships "Silvia Ana" and "Christian IV" which operated Kristiansand - Hirtshals with a sailing time of 2.5 hours and 4.15 hours, respectively.

Color Line was officially established in 1990, but through acquisitions and merged companies, the company can boast a far longer and proud history. In fact, the lines can be traced all the way back to the first connection between Kristiansand and Frederikshavn and the ship DS "Frithjof" in 1872.

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Fjord Line

Fjord Line was founded in 1993. With a 21% market share they are Norway's second largest shipping company in international passengers' traffic and freight transportation between Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

They are a young ferry company that has grown a lot in recent years through adding new, modern ships to our fleet, expanding their route network and providing our guests and freight customers with exceptional service and value for money. The company has about 800 employees and transports over 1.4 million passengers annually.

In 2021 their ship Fjord FSTR started sailing between Kristiansand and Hirtshals. The katamaran has a sailingtime of 2h 15min.

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