The Port of Kristiansand is one of Norway`s largest and most important container terminals.

The terminal is located in the very heart of the city centre of Kristiansand, and is open 24/7, 365 days a year. The container terminal is known for it`s balance between export and import, and strategic location with short sailing distance to key European markets. That`s why we are Southern Norway`s most important transportation hub.

The terminal is operated by two terminal operators, Greenport Scervices AS department Kristiansand and Seafront Logistics AS.

Greenport Scervices AS department Kristiansand is a freight forwarding company that offers smarte and sustainable logistic solutions and supply chain management services.

Seafront Logistics AS provide global and multi-modular logistical solutions including; short sea, deep sea, air and road transport.

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Port operators

Seafront Logistics AS

Seafront Logistics AS is a port operator at the Port of Kristiansand. The company offers loading and unloading of containers as well as project and bulk cargo, and operates, among other things, container trucks, a number of towing vehicles (trucks) and trolleys for the transport of containers and general cargo as well as a fleet of forklift trucks. Seafront carries out cargo handling, storage and transport for a number of large industrial customers in Southern Norway. Seafront is a certified Environmental Lighthouse company (Miljøfyrtårn) and in recent years has replaced all small trucks with electric ones. The first electric trucks will be delivered in December 2022, and we have several projects underway to further strengthen our commitment to sustainability.

Seafront focuses on Quality and HSE and works actively to ensure that our employees have the professional knowledge needed for the individual assignment. We certify our equipment and personnel according to national regulations, we are associated with the employer's organization NHO and our employees are organized in the union Fellesforbundet.

For more information contact us on phone 407 67 067 or

Greenport Services dep. Kristiansand

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Berth 9 NOKRS-0002

Latitude: 58º 8ʹ 27,9ʺ N
Longitude: 7º 59ʹ 33,2ʺ E

Berth length:

183 m

True bearing:

307° / 127°

Height above chart datum:

 2,0 m

Minimum depth:

8,5 m

Berth 20 NOKRS-0002

Latitude: 58º 8ʹ 25,8ʺ N
Longitude: 7º 59ʹ 28,8ʺ E

Berth length:

265 m

True bearing:

301° / 121°

Height above chart datum:

2,3 m

Minimum depth:

7,3 m

Berth 35 NOKRS-0016

Latitude: 58º 9ʹ 24,6ʺ N
Longitude: 8º 2ʹ 7,2ʺ E

Berth length:

144 m

True bearing:

184° / 004°

Height above chart datum:

3,1 m

Minimum depth:

13,2 m

Berth 36 NOKRS-0016

Latitude: 58º 9ʹ 26,9ʺ N
Longitude: 8º 2ʹ 12,2ʺ E

Berth length:

307 m

True bearing:

273° / 093°

Height above chart datum:

2,9 m

Minimum depth:

12,2 m

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