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Port of Kristiansand represented during Open Days in Brussels

The Port of Kristiansand needs a direct railway connection to its ferry terminal

The Port of Kristiansand participated at a seminar during Open Days in Brussels regard the transport axes from Germany to the Nordic countries. Representing the Port of Kristiansand was public relations manager Mathias Bernander. His message was clear: The Port of Kristiansand need to establish railway connections directly connected to the quayside of the ferry terminal. The need for investments has become increasingly more important due to the significant investments in rail to sea infrastructure in Hirtshals, Denmark. The Port of Kristiansand is just a couple of hours of sailing from the north of Denmark, and has a strategic cooperation with the Port of Hirtshals and several daily departures by ferry connecting the ports together.

In addition, Bernander also presented the Port of Kristiansand future plans of expanding and improving its Offshore Supply Port. The regional industry in the Kristiansand-region is dominated by world leading actors within the offshore supply sectors. Today, the companies is vastly focused on the oil- and gas sector, however due to low oil prices a stronger focus on other, and more sustainable parts of the offshore industry is a high priority. The Port of Kristiansand argues the need for an effective and modern offshore supply port, whether the main areas of business is oil and gas or other offshore industries such as offshore wind.