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Offshore-services at Port of Kristiansand

Two rigs docking at the same time.

Two rigs docking at the same time

Port of Kristiansand has become a leading offshore support port (OSP). We can now offer flexible, high quality services for the offshore industry. In 2018, we had 1159 docking-days for offshore vessels. The last couple of years we have completed several big and complex operations without any damages on personnel or environment.

We have invested a lot into being a flexible collaborator for the offshore industry and welcome vessels and oilrigs for most assignments. Kristiansand is strategically situated for Europe, has an easy access from sea, and big port basins with enough depth, which makes it an optimal destination for big and small operations.

Our capacity to deliver clean hydropowered shore power is good. The last couple of years we have had two oilrigs powered up continuously, plus different vessels for longer periods. Our shore power is an important prerequisite for our service and something both vessel owners and the local community benefits from.

The vessels does not have to burn fuel when docked, and the city experiences big cuts in emissions. In 2018 Port of Kristiansand redistributed 6,5 million kWh in shore power. In addition to having access to clean hydropower, we also have our own solar cells that produce 85-90 000 kWh directly into our own usage.

Movable shore power system

Movable shore power system

Kristiansand is situated in the centre of Norwegian oil service industry, and the fact that the port can take operations for the offshore industry, gives the local contractors the opportunity to offer their services and equipment. It is a big advantage for vessels to come to a destination where high quality services are easily accessible. The fact that the port also has easy access to a city with facilities as airport, hotels and restaurants is also an important point.

Recently we had the world’s biggest ship, Pioneering Spirit, in Kristiansand three times in a row, to execute different operations. These were complex operations with a lot of different actions and actors to be coordinated. One of the operations was to install and dismantle a stinger used for lay pipes on the seabed. They also had crew changes with hundreds of hotel nights at local hotels. At the last occasion, 11 ships and tugboats accompanied Pioneering Spirit. The port offered personnel and our own boats to help, the Norwegian coastal administration came with pilots and BB had tugboats and pilot vessels.

Verdens største løfteskip Pioneering Spirit

The world’s largest ship, Pioneering Spirit.

Operations like this one demands large quay capacity, talented personnel to coordinate the services and good collaboration between actors. Everything has worked out excellent, and we see that Kristiansand is a good destination for this kind of operations. The services of all actors has been on the highest level of expertise, and we receive feedback that our customers are happy to return for new assignments.