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Infection control measures

Due to the corona virus, both the local health authorities and port of Kristiansand has made measures to prevent the spread of the infection.

We have an important role in securing supplies to the region. Hence our highest priority is to make sure the traffic through the port runs like normal. The message from our Prime Minister on march 14th about the closing of ports, only regard passenger traffic. Freight traffic will run as usual, but there can come restrictions to the movement of crew, and contact with landbased personell. 

Passenger traffic

Due to the closing of passenger traffic in ports, all our ferries to Denmark are cancelled. All public ports have a duty of reception for ships arriving at the port.  We do not have the possibility to deny port calls. But the local health authorities have this possibility, and in Kristiansand there is new regulations stating that passengers and crew from cruise vessels will not be able to go ashore, without proper approvals.

Ships can still berth at Port of Kristiansand. Services related to a port call will remain unchanged and we will still be able to offer deliveries of provisions, bunkering and fresh water.

Duty of information

All ships that arrive in Kristiansand have a duty to inform about infections or suspition of infections on board.  Both the port, local and central health authorities shall receive the information. In theese cases a number of actions will be taken. 

Vulnerability analysis and action plans

Port of Kristiansand have a close dialogue with authorities, and pay close attention to the update of guidelines from the city and health authorities. 

We have made a voulnarability analysis of our services, and have not idetified anything that will lead to breakdown or lack of quality of our services at this point. We have also made actionplans for different scenarios. 

Around the port we have placed out information posters and stations for hand disinfection. Finally we have strongly limited our internal travel and meeting activities.