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Cruise Sørlandet

Brochure Cruise Sørlandet

Southern Norway – Sørlandet to the Norwegians – is a delightful part of the country. Literally meaning the Southern Land, the region spans the coast from the town of Risør in the east to Egersund in the west, and into the valley of Setesdal in the north.

With no steep mountains and no dramatic fjords, this is a different side of Norway. Here the landscape is calm. Along the wonderful coastline hundreds of rocky islands, islets and the skerries act as a protective shield from the open sea. Inland, the lush forested hills and valleys are gentle. In the towns and villages the mood is friendly and the pace is a little slower. But do not let our gentle appearance fool you. We may just surprise you with what we have to offer.

Almost on the southernmost tip of Norway is the pleasant city of Kristiansand, the capital of Southern Norway, founded in 1641 by the Danish-Norwegian king, Christian IV, as a strategic port. From the port of Kristiansand, passengers have the options of going on tours to the picturesque towns of Lillesand and Grimstad, the historic valley of Setesdal and the lighthouse at Lindesnes, the South Cape of Norway.


With its 85,000 inhabitants, Kristiansand is today the fifth largest city in Norway and the number one holiday destination for the domestic market in the summer. In the heart of the city, modern architecture stands shoulder to shoulder with historic buildings. The stunning performance arts centre, Kilden, located right next to the cruise pier, was in 2014 named one of the 15 most beautiful concert halls in the world.

In the old part of the city, Posebyen, you will find charming wooden houses, some dating back to the 1700s. The Fishing wharf and its fish marked is bustling in summer and a popular area for cruise passengers. The city is big enough to give you plenty to do, yet small enough to be thoroughly enjoyed in a day. Kristiansand is an ideal stop on a cruise itinerary.

Its port was of strategic importance to King Christian IV, and is still the gateway to Norway and the Baltic.

Welcome to Kristiansand and Southern Norway. Let us surprise you!