New website and profile

13 July 2021

On 12 July, the Port of Kristiansand launched a new website. Do you have input or feedback? Send us an email at

Welcome to our new website!

The website is developed by Tress Design and Monoform, and is a project we have been working on for a long time. The website is built using Expression Engine, but some elements are also specially made for us. For example, the call list, live maps with ships in port and price calculator.

The Port of Kristiansand has also updated its graphic profile and adjusted the logo to modernize the expression (also in collaboration with Tress Design). The new website shows the new profile of the port. The color palette is in sea tones and the font is tighter and easier to read.

The new website will contain the same information as the previous one, but will also be filled with even more in the coming weeks. A key point is that this website must contain all information related to IKSet.

If there is any information you miss, or you think is, we appreciate that you give notice.

We hope you enjoy our new site!