The Port of Kristiansand always act in accordance with the current rules, restrictions and guidelines.

Questions about testing at the port or in connection with travel by ferry - please contact Kristiansand municipality.
Kristiansand municipality's kornoatelefon is: +47 94 80 90 41

The port of Kristiansand has a test station within the customs zone. Only travelers to Norway from abroad test themselves here.

Below you will find a link to national and local guidelines in relation to Covid-19.


The government
National Institute of Public Health

Entry quarantine and rules upon arrival in Norway

Kristiansand municipality
Lindesnes municipality

Information to travellers arriving in Kristiansand

The government introduces temporary mandatory border control of pleasure craft arriving in Norway from abroad.

Travelers who come to Norway by pleasure craft (leisure boat) must contact the police on 02800 before arrival.

Border police and customs are the authority responsible for entry control.

The Port of Kristiansand is not a point of contact in this context.

Important points travelers from abroad must address:

Travelers who come to Norway by pleasure craft must report to the police for border control at the border crossing point that is closest to where they plan to go to port / land.

The 11 approved border crossing points along the coast are:Hammerfest, Tromsø, Bodø, Trondheim, Ålesund, Bergen, Stavanger, Kristiansand, Sandefjord, Oslo and Halden / Sponvika.

For questions or ambiguities, contact the police on 02800.